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ersonal Interests

I first started really learning about computers my Junior year in college (that is beyond playing video games). Since then I have been working to improve my knowledge both in work and just for fun. I am always looking for new and exciting projects. I have written applications for the HP 200LX Palmtop, the Nokia 9000, and am currently working on projects for Windows CE. I find these small mobile platforms fun, and also incongrously, the most in need of hefty development machines (have you seen the requirements for VC 5.0 for WCE?).

My personal computer @ home is a dual Pentium 133 (Tyan Tomcat IIID what a sweet motherboard) with 64 Meg of RAM, 4.1 gigs of HD, Matrox Millenium Video Card, USR x2 modem, Epson PCMCIA / Floppy Tandem, an Adaptec 2940 UW SCSI controller. This machine really rocks!! Under NT everything purrs so sweet, and DirectX games FLY!!! I have assembled this system by myself with the help of some friends, and I think, as does the Winbench 97 tests, that it compares to any similarly equipped machine on the market.
Like computers, I really started learning about the internet my junior year. To me it is more of a tool and entertainment source, but I am really enjoying the ability to order things online. I realy believe that the I-net is the future catalog of the world.
I was introduced into the Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA) several years ago. The group is dedicated to the research into medieval culture and
the recreating of the best parts of it. I have been recently re-introduced into it and I am learning a lot about it. I have met a large number of very wonderful people who have made my limited time in it immensely enjoyable. For more information on the SCA, check my favorite pages links.
Update: Recently I have recovered from a torn anterior cruciate ligament. This put me out of fighting from July to November of 1998. I started fighting again in December. I was inspired recently by a friend to put a journal up. You can find it here.
lectrical Engineering
I got started in electrical engineering because I initially wanted to work in Nuclear Engineering, but the school I decided to attend didn't offer it. I stayed with it because I wanted to know how my radio worked. Took until junior year to figure that one out. Since then I have really learned the value of self education and have bought many books on many different subjects (mostly programming, but some EE) and have gotten a real sense of accomplishment from being self-tought.