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Well, friends and family sometimes have trouble finding me stuff to buy.  And I used to think I didn't want them to buy me stuff.  But I did.  The problem was whenever they asked me, I couldn't think of the stuff I wanted, or if I did, I figured that what I wanted was too expensive.

Regardless, I decided to put up a running list of stuff I want, along with where you can find it.  Hey, if you want to buy me something, that's great. If not, thats fine too :)

Wish List

Books: Well, I have a wish list over @ Amazon .com. Just go to and click on the "Wish List" text at the top of the page.  Use for the e-mail address. 

Cooking Stuff

Square cast-iron skillet

Computer Tools

I'd love to have some of those neat nifty computer tool kits that all geeks tend to have.

Crimping Tool.

Tool Kit.

Computer Things

None at the moment :)


Other Stuff

Solar Powered Battery Charger.