My lady and I joined Weight Watchers back in April to shed the weight I've been carrying around since I was in High School and for her to lose the effects of college.  Since WW is very intensive about counting points, it's become extremely convenient to eat frozen meals for lunch.  They are quick to prepare, we don't have to drive out to a restaurant during lunch, and surprisingly enough, some of them are very tasty.  I can especially recommend the Smart Ones (TM) line from WW and the Lean Cuisine line from Stouffers. 

But it occurred to us that some are better than others, and that we'd ended up with favorites.  So we decided to start reviewing them.  Below are the scores for the meals we review, along with a link to the full text of the review.  I hope everyone enjoys :)  Each meal will be scored based on two major criteria, tastiness and fullness.  Tastiness is just how yummy it was to me, and fullness will be a composite scored based upon how full we felt versus how many points it used, with a dash of "how much did it cost" tossed it.  We might add a column later for what we paid for it.

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