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Made a set of crusader elbows with Krag's pattern (thanks Krag) for my best friend and they turned out REALLY sweet.  I'm very happy with the way they look.  They aren't as shiny in this picture as the truly are because he's already covered them with clear coat, but I still am really happy with how shiny they are here.  I'm also really happy about the lines on them.

OwensElbowsFront.JPG (441404 bytes) OwensElbowsSide.JPG (435139 bytes) OwensElbowsTop.JPG (377987 bytes)

Hardened Steel Vambraces

Well, I've been working on making some hardened steel items, and of course the first thing to do is to form the items.  Here are the first set of a pair of vambraces that I'm making.

Unfortunately, the experience has gone sour, as I tore the bottom vambrace already, and the pattern proved to be slightly off, having too much bulge and curvature.  I'll probably give these to rabbit for him to practice hardening, and adjust the patter for the second pieces.  Click on the thumbnail to get the full size picture.

Hardened Steel Vambrace-BWLR.JPG (55558 bytes)  Hardened Steel Tear-BWLR.JPG (72877 bytes)


Well, finally, I have gotten some pictures up about Armour I have made.  Although, in truth its actually video.  I'll extract some pictures later.  This is a helm made by about five different people.  

Joe (the owner) cut it out, I cut out the top, Oxlade helped me shape the top, Justin Cross Welded the top, Keith Weaver rewelded the top because the mig welder was being a bear for Justin, and Joe and I attached the bottom, and I attached the brass.

I took some pictures of it (because the vidoe wasn't quite working out) and here are the pics.  I hope that they are good enough resolution.

Joes_great_helm_front.jpg (254557 bytes) Joes_great_helm_front2.jpg (253050 bytes) Joes_great_helm_inside.jpg (270981 bytes)Joes_great_helm_inside_rivets1.jpg (218597 bytes)Joes_great_helm_inside_rivets2.jpg (253605 bytes)Joes_great_helm_port_aft.jpg (246421 bytes)Joes_great_helm_starboard_aft.JPG (257026 bytes)Joes_great_helm_starboard_side.jpg (262098 bytes)


Anyway, here's the video.  Its about 2 MB, and its about 1 minute long.  Its a Windows Media File (hey it was free and easy).  I encoded it @ 640x480 and 15 frames per second in order to try to get it to have high detail but small size, however, it is not working very well, and was kind of making me nauseous to look at.  I'll redo it later.

This is based off of Sinric's great helm pattern, but since it was our first helm, there were a few... um digressions. 

Second Helm

Well, I've finally got the site all up and running, so I though we'd post some pictures of  the second great helm that we've created.

(High Res Pictures)

ghelm2_front.jpg (849898 bytes)   ghelm2_left.jpg (833704 bytes)  ghelm2_right.jpg (855955 bytes)  ghelm2_back.jpg (845635 bytes)

(Low Res B&W Pics)

ghelm2_front_lr_bw.jpg (38345 bytes)  ghelm2_left_lr_bw.jpg (31731 bytes)  ghelm2_right_lr_bw.jpg (34148 bytes)  ghelm2_back_lr_bw.jpg (35474 bytes)

I did a couple of things different on this one.  I did not make the entire brass cross  as the person who won the helm was did not want it.  This helm was a prize in Mooneschadowe Guardian's new fighter tournament.  It was award to Ld. Canacan O'Conor as the most chivalrous fighter.