Hardened Steel Gauntlets
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This is the first pair of hardened steel gauntlets I've made. 

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103-0350_IMG.jpg (107545 bytes) Gauntlets shaped and held together by Cleco's. 103-0351_IMG.jpg (103653 bytes)
103-0352_IMG.jpg (95873 bytes) More of the Left Gauntlet. 103-0353_IMG.jpg (128413 bytes)
finished0002.jpg (83848 bytes) On the left, the weight of the right gauntlet. 15 oz.  The gauntlet has been hardened, polished, and then gun blackened. finished0003.jpg (98081 bytes)
finished0004.jpg (90073 bytes) Front view on the right. Side view on the left.  Notice that they are still reflective.  I put a really good polish on them before blackening them. finished0005.jpg (83235 bytes)
finished0006.jpg (69197 bytes) Pictures of the gauntlets on Gilyan's hands.   I'm going to have to take some more pictures tomorrow in sunlight, cause even with the flash its too difficult to see the details with the gun black. finished0007.jpg (72166 bytes)