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The pictures below are of a helm that I bought from one of the guys up in Tulsa (Northkeep).  It was originally made by a gentleman named Scott Haney.  Scott made a lot of awesome armour before switching professions.  Click on the thumbnail for the full picture (LARGE approx 250K per)

Morion_Helm_1.JPG (222067 bytes) Picture 1  Morion_Helm_2.JPG (285039 bytes) Picture 2  Morion_Helm_3.JPG (272244 bytes) Picture 3


This is the new helm I just received this year at Pennsic.  It is a stainless steel Coventry sallet. 

sallet_front.jpg (271975 bytes) Sallet_inside1.jpg (270974 bytes) sallet_inside2.jpg (267641 bytes) sallet_side.jpg (270016 bytes) sallet_visor.jpg (266798 bytes)