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We have both been to many weddings where we were bored and hoping that it would be over soon. Standing in line to say congrats to people you may or may not know seems like a waste of valuable fun time to us. So, for our wedding, we want it to be fun for everyone and for no one to be wondering how long they have to stick around before they can leave without hurting anyone’s feelings. In an effort to make everyone happy, we have several different planned activities for people to participate in as they desire.

Movies there will be a corner of the building curtained off with a TV and DVD player. We will also try to have a rug or carpet to site on, and maybe some bean bags or a couch. During the day, the movies will be confined to G or PG rated ones for the children to amuse themselves with. Later in the party, after the children are gone or asleep, the movies can be PG-13 or R rated. If you want to bring a movie(s) and a comfy chair, please feel free to do so.

LAN Games another section of the building will have several tables set up together for computer games. If you would like to bring your computer and some games, please feel free to do so.

Lounging Area couches, comfortable chairs, and coffee tables will dominate this portion of the building. If you want to sit in comfort and talk (gossip) with old friends or new acquaintances this is the area for you. Please feel free to load up your couch, sectional, La-Z-Boy, or side table and bring it along.

Board Games tables and chairs will be set aside for guests to challenge each other at Monopoly, Scrabble, cards, the Great Dalmuti, and whatever anyone else brings. Bring your favorite game and a hat for Dalmuti!

Food we are planning on feeding everyone throughout the day. There will be munchies and finger foods during the day, and a buffet style dinner in the evening, followed by desserts later on. If you want to bring something to add to the trough, we will still let you in and will appreciate it.

Fresh fruits and dips
Fresh vegetables and dips

Chicken & apricots
Beef roast/brisket with roasted carrots and onions
Sugar snap peas in orange sauce
Sautéed potatoes, onions, and mushrooms
Seraphina's Pennsic pasta salad
Green salad with an assortment of dressings
Breads with a selection of flavored butters and oil & vinegar
Apple crumble dessert
Ice cream (if there's any left!)

Drink a very good friend of ours has offered to brew us some beer and home-made root beer to serve during the day. Carl also has many bottles of mead that he has made that will be available. Of course, there will also be several varieties of non-alcoholic beverages for the partaking.

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