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April 4, 1999 orthern Regional Warlord. There have been some other fighter practices and events since Northern Regional Tribute. However, I was pretty irked, annoyed, frustrated, irritated, and generally put out, so I have not felt the urge to write since then. However, Northern Regional Warlord (herafter NRW) was much different and amazingly better.

#1) People threw and called shots at half the level the threw @ NRT.
#2) People didn't get way too worked up about who was watching them and if there was going to be belted circle that night.
#3) I got to fight spear.

Now, for those who don't know, I spent 4 years (2 1/2 inactive) as a rapier combatant before getting involved in heavy weapons. When I did get involved, it was because one of the things that people told me about spear was "Light weapons fighters make good spearmen", and I was pretty excited with the idea of fighting spear, you know reach out and touch someone. Well, at first, I was put into the shield wall, and I enjoyed it and did not really worry bout fighting spear, figuring that my figure was, shall we say a bit too full to hide behind a little stick, and that I was much better off hiding this big ol body behind a shield.

So I spent about a year learning about shield fighting (minus the time off for knee injury). However, when I got to fight spear this weekend, I had more fun than I had had in a long time, probably since the war of three kings (where I first got to armour up after my injury). I think I did really well, as I very rarely killed less than two or three to my death, and sometimes got considerably more.. :-) yeaahhh!!!

So, I know have a fun new weapon style to distract me from sword and sheild, and to keep me from doing my pell work...

Good Night Good Gentles,

Jean Paul le Pel
Seconde, Lion Dragon Guard

PS. Here is my first animated GIF for unit fighting instruction. It is an animation of transitioning from what His Grace Duke Kein calls Alpha formation to the Beta Formation. More Gifs as warrant.

animated alpha to beta.gif

PPS. Here's my second animated GIF for unit fighting. Its an animation of how to execute an about face for a shield wall.


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