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February 20, 1999

orthern Regional Tribute. I'd like to say that this was a great weekend for fighting, but it really wasn't. What makes fighters get so keyed up against the people that they are supposed to fight with in a mere three weeks. I have never ever ever had to hit people as hard as I had to get them to call anything. Especially thrusting tips. I have never had so many people not count my thrusting tip. Now I suppose that thrusting tips are harder to recognize in the confusion of a battle, but man, I nearly lost my temper several times.

What makes people get that way? Its no fun. We play a game of honor, and if they are going to make me have to use a bazooka on them in such a way that they HAVE to acknowledge the blow due to severe pain, I'd rather go find someone more fun to play with.... hmpph.

Apart from that, it seemed I was having an "almost day." I almost killed a duke, I almost killed a knight, I almost killed a count, almost almost almost.... arghhh... got to work on that extra shot in the combo... was told several times "ya had me, but you stopped swinging too soon"... sigh.

Also had some other incidents that detributed from the fighting. Don't want to go into them, but they did make it a blah weekend for fighting. Last but not least, my shoulder got injured (just a sprain I think) and still twinges a little bit. I will probably take this week off from fighting to let it heal.

Jean Paul le Pel
Seconde, Lion Dragon Guard

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