Fighting Journal May 12, 2001
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ldern Hills 2001.  (Pictures are below.  If you don't want to hear all my ramblings and just wanna see the pics, jump below.)

What a great tournament.  Guy le strange ran a modified swiss-5 (it was a swiss-7).  For those who don't know, a swiss five (or 7) tournament is one where you either fight every round with a proscribed weapon style or at the minimum without repeating a weapon style that you have used in one of the previous rounds.  The rounds at this tournament ran in this order:

  1. Spear
  2. Single Weapon
  3. Great Axe
  4. Glaive
  5. Bastard Sword
  6. Great Sword
  7. Fighters Choice.

The seventh round was originally proscribed as sword and shield, but there were a couple of requests for florentine, and Guy being the, well, good Guy that he was, changed the final round to allow for those people who wanted florentine (ptoey!).

I did REALLY well at this tournament, and was able to keep my focus for a long time, going undefeated during the first six rounds.  In the seventh round however, an excellent fight with a squire named Wilhelm (at least excellent for him) did not go my way.  I ended up with a 6-1 win/loss record at the end of the tournament.  That had me tied with Baron Thorgrim (whom I had beat in the third round), and so it went best two out of three with me and Thorgrim.  Guy told us the weapons styles were to be Great Axe, Florentine, and Sword and Shield.  Sigen (Baroness Northkeep) picked the first round great axe, Gilyan picked second round florentine, and we kept S&S for the third round.

Thorgrim fairly quickly repaid me for winning my third round bout with a nice double-tap blow to the head with his great-axe to go ahead 1 to zero.  We went out for the second bout, he with sword and axe, and me with sword and two headed spear.  We waltzed for a bit, but about the third pass I thrust a little bit too hard with the spear and lost it.  Thorgrim quickly and wisely proceeded to hover over my spear and prevent me from recovering it.  I tried jumping in and closing once or twice, but was so concerned with tying him up that I was not able to throw any good shots.  Thorgrim finally took my right sword arm, and stepped back, I think to give me a chance to switch arms.

At this point in time, I was about to become one-armed, one weaponed, and it was my non-primary arm.   Thorgrim, however, being a good Viking, was waiting patiently for the chance to finish me off.  I decided at this point that I had indeed been bested.  I decided to remind Thorgrim about some things. 

"Your excellency," I said, " I wish to remind you that I am not Norse."

Thorgrim looked at me for a second and then said, "Jean Paul.  You have fought well and nobly this day.  You have shown your self to be a warrior of valor.  However, you are wounded, and I ask that you now yield this field to me."  (*** OK, I can't remember EXACTLY how it went, but it was something like this.  Just remember that Thorgrim asked me nicely and complemented me.   You always get a better response with an approach like that. ***)

"Baron Thorgrim," I replied, "I know that you are a courteous, chivalrous, and skillfighter fighter.  Additionaly, I know that you will be an excellent champion for the Barony of the Eldern Hills.  As such, I yield this field to you."

And that was that. I had really wanted to win this tournament, and I had been thinking about it for quite a while.  And while I am disappointed that I did not win, I am happy that a good man won.  I'll try again next year.  And I am extremely happy that Gilyan supported me in this tournament. She was there for me, encouraged me, cheered me, and was all that a person could ask for for support.  I did so well much in part because of her.


DCP02623.JPG (341226 bytes) This is a picture of His Excellency Baron Thorgrim getting ready for the tournament. 
Talking (what we do best )
From left to right : Baroness Sigen (sitting), Karl Hungus, Wiggen, Sir Asoph, and Thorgrim.
DCP02624.JPG (339648 bytes)
DCP02625.JPG (285575 bytes) Me, Sir Hildebrandt, and Orion talking before the list.
My first round fight with a new fighter.  I think his name was Puck (for real not SCA).  He did very well. DCP02626.JPG (294109 bytes)
DCP02627.JPG (322814 bytes) Another picture of me (its good to know the photographer)
Me attempting to grab Puck's spear and stab him with it.  However, because I was momentarily without a weapon (although I did have a hand on his) they called hold before I could accomplish my plan. DCP02628.JPG (323736 bytes)
DCP02629.JPG (272289 bytes) Me coming off the field after my spear fight with Puck.
My knight Sir Asoph fighting with Magnus Strongaxe (whose name the herald kept butchering all day).  I think Magnus was eventually able to win this fight. DCP02630.JPG (338250 bytes)
DCP02631.JPG (320552 bytes) Thorgrim and Sir Maximillion fighting spear.  Although not his best form, Thorgrim went on to win this fight.
Thorgrim exiting the field after his fight with Sir Maximillion. DCP02632.JPG (321926 bytes)
DCP02633.JPG (316884 bytes) Wiggen and ? (if this is you or you know who this is please e-mail me) prior to their single sword fight.
Wiggen, having just committed major whiffage, is about to get clocked for his trouble. DCP02634.JPG (279220 bytes)
DCP02635.JPG (289203 bytes) Ogedie, student to Master Tarl, and my squire brother Karl Hungus playing the range game with single sword.
More of the same. DCP02636.JPG (285512 bytes)
DCP02637.JPG (273764 bytes) Asoph and Orion also working it single weapon.
Sir Asoph showing Orion what he means when he says "Follow through" DCP02638.JPG (307381 bytes)
DCP02639.JPG (307609 bytes) Me saluting my wonderful Lady Gilyan prior to my single sword fight.
Sir Maximillian and I squaring off. DCP02640.JPG (327695 bytes)
DCP02641.JPG (311519 bytes) Thorgrim landing the killing blow to Legionnaire Wilhelm during the single sword round.
Me, Thogrim (hiding behind the axe) and Wiggen taking a break.  DCP02642.JPG (308815 bytes)
DCP02643.JPG (301628 bytes) More of the same, although this time Thorgrim's got the axe... um... somewhere else...
Asoph's third round fight with Morgan (squire to His Higness Duncan).  I must admit I don't know who won this fight. DCP02644.JPG (350151 bytes)
DCP02645.JPG (348128 bytes) Thorgrim trying his best to bash my head in with his axe.  I think after this shot though, I smacked him upside HIS head for trying to do such a thing to me... hehehehe
Morgan looking REALLY pretty as he's on the ground (courtest of a nice leg shot from your's truly)  The fight got really interesting after this, as when I tried to close I got reminded in a most energetic fashion that Morgan's Glaive has a point at BOTH ends. DCP02646.JPG (346644 bytes)
DCP02647.JPG (319371 bytes) "Hey JP, I've got something for you to see. Come Here and look at it."
Thorgrim and Sven squaring off with bastard sword.  Check out the cool helm Sven has on. DCP02648.JPG (305936 bytes)
DCP02649.JPG (271641 bytes) More "Sven"-fighting....
Thorgrim has Sven on the ground and is trying to finish him off. DCP02650.JPG (311903 bytes)
DCP02652.JPG (338502 bytes) Sven after a spectacular death.
Magnus falls to the ground after a good head blow. DCP02653.JPG (322515 bytes)
DCP02654.JPG (306023 bytes) Although its hard to tell from the angle, this is Legionnaire Wilhelm trying to do his best to gut me like a pig.
However, I was saved by the ropes, and was able instead to land a good blow on Wilhelm. DCP02655.JPG (310495 bytes)
DCP02656.JPG (301947 bytes) Thorgrim vs Magnus in round 7...
tied up and swinging for money... DCP02657.JPG (286493 bytes)
DCP02658.JPG (312055 bytes) Me and squire Wilhelm fighting Sword and Shield in the seventh round. My only loss during the regular tournament.
Me and Thorgrim squaring off in the first of the best-2-out-of-three sudden death round. DCP02659.JPG (318251 bytes)
DCP02660.JPG (307442 bytes) Me attempting to close on Thorgrim to negate the extra reach and weapon advantage.  What extra reach and weapon advantage?  Well, see the spear on the ground?
Thorgrim giving ground before a furious onslaught (hell I dunno, I'm just making that up) DCP02661.JPG (301331 bytes)
DCP02662.JPG (314303 bytes) Thorgrim and I still dueling it out.
Me asking Thorgrim for some more "space in our relationship"... hehehe DCP02663.JPG (319157 bytes)
DCP02664.JPG (305296 bytes) Me trying to get inside one last time.  It failed, and I lost my right arm for my trouble.
Her Excellency Catrin congratulating her new Champion, Baron Thorgrim Nordvirk. DCP02665.JPG (288277 bytes)


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