Fighting Journal April 4, 2001
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y first practice in over a year and a half where I wasn't the knight marshal.  It was great, I got to show up late and it was no big deal, and there were no longer responsibilities for me to uphold.   I found it very refreshing!! Of course I also found the turnout to be very refreshing too :)  Three new fighters showed up in addition to the six authorized fighters who showed up, and we had several people show up who were just there to hang out.  All in all, a good fighter practice.  Additionally, one of my co-workers  Dennis Gronquist, showed up with his new digital camera and took pictures of the practice.  I'm going to post them down below.

Although the whole practice was great, I once again had some ferociously fun fights with Oxlade.  He has been pushing me really well lately, and been giving me fun fights.  Our styles are so different that the fight is like a chess match, and extremely invigorating.

Ld. Jean Paul de Sens
Squire to Sir Asoph Hearts

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