Fighting Journal March 21, 2001
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alm to a troubled soul.  Fighter practice last night was the release that I had needed for such a long time.  Since the 10th, when I injured my right knee (to go along with my still recovering left knee) I had been fairly self-absorbed and upset.  The constant injuries that I had suffered since the beginning of the year were beginning to weight heavily on my mind, and the concept of not being able to fight due to my knees made me pretty despondent.

However, last night was wonderful.  I fought for about two hours, in about four different fighting styles, and beat on people and was beat on by the same.  An almost carnal release was experienced, and when I was done, I felt calm and relaxed that I had not felt for some time.  It was wonderful.

On a more technical note, Ox and I fought Sword and Shield, Mace and shield, and great-Axe.  Mace fighting is still difficult, as its non-edginess is still not fully embedded in me.  However, I got the idea once when I threw a cross-visor style shot to Ox's head, but did not bother to raise my right elbow to make the shot hit where the blade would have been if it'd been a sword.  Consequently the shot came in a hair faster and landed a telling blow on Ox's head.  


Thats it for this report, just really wanted to write about the after glow :)

Ld. Jean Paul de Sens
Squire to Sir Asoph Hearts

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