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October 18, 2000 trange practice. Seems like everybody got hurt tonight. We finally talked Ivo into fighting with a different shield than his 2x4 Ansteorran Barn Door ??and had him use Slaine’s new 2x2 square shield. We first discovered the Viking square when I went on a trip to San Francisco and found time to go to a West Kingdom fighter practice (actually as far as it goes, it’s THE west kingdom fighter practice) at Mission college.

But back to the injuries. Calum got hit in the back of the hand because the basket hilt that I made him was not dished deeply enough. I’m gonna have to e-mail Sinric (the guy we got the pattern from) and ask him for help on getting it right. Angus got hit in the arm with a shot so hard from Ivo that it caused a deep purplish bruise to form up within 10 minutes. A pretty darn near full force shot from Oxlade hit me in the shin. Slaine got hit on the back of the hand from me (I don’t know how I did it). To top it all Oxlade immediately hit Ivo real hard on the leg as soon as he saw that Ivo was fighting with a small shield and had left his leg open. All in all, a strange night for injuries, and just a weird night overall.

The fun part was when I drove up, I saw two center-gripped rounds, one side gripped round, and one center-grip square. No barn-doors. A large part of me was going “Am I sure I’m at an Ansteorran practice? Something looks wrong!” It was an excellent evening from the “get the fighters to move and dodge and weave” as opposed to the “hide behind the big shield and try to not get hit.” I like it. I hope it continues.
Anyway, I’m kind of tired, so I’m gonna sign off now.

In service to the Kingdom and Mooneschadowe

Jean Paul de Sens
Squire to Sir Asoph Hearts

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