Fighting Journal February 16, 2002
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iore de Liberi.  It was a great class.  Bob Charon has wonderfully and excellently put together a gripping session on the art of defense as taught by one of the italian masters.  I'll fill in a better description later, but for now here's some pictures.



100-0040_IMG.jpg (86533 bytes) Pimpmeister Alton showing his new "Wasters" that he purchased for the class.
Bob at the Beginning of the class. 100-0045_IMG.jpg (69527 bytes)
100-0050_IMG.jpg (53567 bytes) Picture from the Getty Version of the Fiore's Flos Duellatorum (Flower of Battle).  I think the picture shows the Hanging Tail position, the Posta longa, the Frontale, and Boar's Tooth positions, all with Long sword.  However, I may be wrong and hope someone will correct me if I am.
Another cool pic from the Getty version.  I hope I'm not violating copyright by posting this on a website. 100-0051_IMG.jpg (53852 bytes)
100-0055_IMG.jpg (50890 bytes) One of the neatest pages of the entire text.  It shows the entire philosophy of Fiore's martial art in one page.  It would take several pages of text to explain.  E-mail Bob Charon for the details.
100-0056_IMG.jpg (59510 bytes) The following sequence of pictures shows Bob showing the first play of wresting, which is isolating an arm.  His victim is Jon Eppler. He and his wife Sherri set up this Seminar.
Bob pushes one arm off of his hip first. 100-0057_IMG.jpg (60551 bytes)
100-0058_IMG.jpg (60389 bytes) Bob starts into the Posta Longa
Having stepped through with his Posta Longa Bob grabs for his leg to make sure that if he actually threw Jon, he'd land firmly on his head. 100-0060_IMG.jpg (62190 bytes)
100-0064_IMG.jpg (77485 bytes) Demonstration of another way to free yourself from a grab.
One of the things that Fiore does show unequivocably is the Nelson was not the inventor of the Full Nelson. 100-0081_IMG.jpg (59434 bytes)
I'll have to ask for the exact translation again, but apparently Fiore's advice for these one is : 100-0082_IMG.jpg (58719 bytes)
Seek thee a wall! 100-0083_IMG.jpg (54649 bytes)
100-0096_IMG.jpg (66307 bytes) Jon uses a method to help break the hold that Bob has put on him.
Bob shows the counter to the push shown in the last picture.... 100-0098_IMG.jpg (73054 bytes)
and then follows it back into the Posta Longa again.  You can get the idea of how easily it is to unbalance someone.  Notice how Jon is gripping Bob's arm to not fall over... and Bob was going reaaaaaaallll slow 100-0099_IMG.jpg (53602 bytes)
101-0114_IMG.jpg (69087 bytes) Bob showed us a couple of Fiore's techniques for dealing with a knife wielding opponent when you haven't even drawn your sword yet (Notice the scabbard still on the blade) 
Continuation of the previous Pic, as Bob drags the arm down with the scabbarded sword, and will not draw the sword (quickly) in relative safety. 101-0115_IMG.jpg (61382 bytes)
101-0117_IMG.jpg (72489 bytes) Bob trapping the dagger.  Gotta admit I can't remember how he got to this position.  Its a neat picture though, eh?
Bob demonstrates Fiore's recommended single handed sword position.  If I remember correctly, the position is not named anywhere, but is similar to the Hanging Tail position named in the long sword section. 101-0122_IMG.jpg (68661 bytes)
101-0124_IMG.jpg (72847 bytes) A continuation from the previous pic, Bob is beating the thrust attack from Jon aside.  Notice the crossing of the feet as the left side of the body is coming forward.  This generally means "Its grappling time!"
Bob deflects a high strike coming in from Jon. 101-0132_IMG.jpg (66309 bytes)
101-0139_IMG.jpg (83883 bytes) Deflection of a high strike coming in from the opposite direction.
Continuation, as Bob grabs the sword arm of Jon in preparation of a disarm... 101-0140_IMG.jpg (76526 bytes)
101-0142_IMG.jpg (86126 bytes) Which ends about here.  This is what is known as a Bad Position (TM).
Pictures of some of the students practicing the long sword moves.  Tristan is on the far left, Benedict on the far right.  My squire brother Alton is getting ready to gack our knight Asoph. 101-0163_IMG.jpg (103116 bytes)
101-0164_IMG.jpg (87872 bytes) Tristan practicing an elbow push (if nothing else the one thing we should take from the class) on Benedict.
Piotr and Colin (center) working on some more techniques.  Wiggen (far left) is working on the same techniques with his invisible partner. 101-0166_IMG.jpg (108784 bytes)
101-0170_IMG.jpg (75661 bytes)

101-0171_IMG.jpg (100914 bytes) 101-0172_IMG.jpg (81971 bytes)

101-0173_IMG.jpg (85277 bytes) 101-0175_IMG.jpg (92193 bytes)

Neat sequence showing another disarm sequence.
101-0178_IMG.jpg (91461 bytes) Ok, this one has nothing to do with Fiore.  But this is Vernon Mooseburger !  Isn't he cool?
Tristan practicing a displacement followed by a one-handed thrust to the chest on Benedict. 101-0187_IMG.jpg (98415 bytes)
101-0198_IMG.jpg (101154 bytes) I think this is Bob showing Fiore's handling of the "Villain's Cut".  Villain meaning fool or idiot.
Aah, the ever so popular half swording :)  Seems to be all the rage right now! 102-0201_IMG.jpg (85745 bytes)
102-0245_STA.jpg (109568 bytes) Class photograph.  There are a few people missing (me!), and a couple who had to leave early, but thats most of them.
Believe it or not there are many more pictures.   However, I'm too tired to put them all up.  Feel free to browse them here :

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