Fighting Journal November 20, 1999
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November 20,1999 ordermarch Fall Melees. This was a new event for me, and it was well worth the time and effort of the travel.Its about an nine hour trip from Stillwater down to Lufkin Texas, where the site is located at. The trip itself to the event was pretty horrible. The signs in Texas are horrible, and often we'd see the exit that we needed as we drove by it, with the only sign announcing its presence approximately fifty feet in front of the exit. Someone remarked to me that Texans don't really want tourism in their state, and it seems to me that the way signs are set up confirms it.

Anyway, the event in and of itself was rather fun. I got to get about eight good melee's in, and the fighting itself was of a pretty good level. The only bad part of the event was that one of the vehicles in our caravan got in a car accident on the way to the event, and although every one was fine, the accident, the trip to the hospital, and getting the vehicle driveable pushed our arrival time from about 1:30 am to around 5:00 am. We finished getting the tents set up just as the rosy glow from the rising sun appeared on the horizon. In total, I think that Owen and I got around 2 hours of sleep before the fighting, and I really felt it during the day. I felt particularly sluggish and did not fight very well.

Sadly enough, just when I finally was getting worked up (the last battle of the day), I had killed a shieldman, and was working around some others when an archer shot me in the arm. ARRRGGGHHHH!!! I mean it feels a little good, because the archers are always told to go after the hot spearmen, but man, that was frustrating.

Oh well, it was a nifty event, and I will now take a break until next sunday's Fighter practice.

In service to the Queen,

Jean Paul de Sens
Seconde, Lion Dragon Guard

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