Fighting Journal May 30, 1999
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Jean Paul's Fighting Page

May 30,1999 ion Dragon Guard Practice. The practice went okay, but it wasn't a terrible lot of fun. We went out to eat about 2 and 1/2 hours before the practice, and I think the meal really slowed me down. I think in the future I am not going to eat within about 4 hours of practicing. It seems to divert all of the blood away from the parts that need it.

Worked some Sword and Sheild practice with Danulf. Danulf fights with a sword and a round shield. It was a lot of fun. Danulf had not been fighting a whole lot until recently, as he had been taking a break due to personal conflicts. It was a lot of fun fighting with him, and I enjoyed finally being able to have a good time with him.

Any way, gots to go pack. I am moving tomorrow.

Jean Paul de Sens
Seconde, Lion Dragon Guard

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