Fighting Journal February 11, 1999
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Jean Paul's Fighting Page

February 10, 1999

ighter practice at Sir Hildebrandt's. I had a pretty good practice this week. I am still learning how to use my new shield. I switched from a wooden square shield to a curved aluminum shield about a week ago, and its still has some quirks that I am learning. For one, its NOT lighter than my wood shield. Its stronger, but it really does weigh about the same or even a little bit more. I do know that my arm tired out real quick.

Hilde was fighting MUCH better this week, and I think he is starting to return to form. I don't think that he is anywhere near the level he was when he was fighting a lot, which is scary. :-) I did have a few fights where things were starting to jell, and on those fights I managed to just whomp my opponent. Part of it is the new sword I made. My old sword, although a excellent weapon, finally pulped out and I was forced to make a new one. This new sword just really seems to LOVE hitting the high short rap, and most of my pretty kills were from that shot.

My footwork is finally starting to get better, and if I ever learn to keep my shield from flying all over the place, I might turn into a good fighting someday (grin).

I also experimented with what Duke Cariodoc calls the closed form. Its where instead of holding the shield out in a line parrallel (or close to) the body as you do in the open form, you hold the shield perpendicular to the line of the body. I have had a lot of good results with it in war-fighting against great weapons, spears, almost everything except sword and shield. I wanted to try it against sword and shield, and I did not do too badly with it.

Benefits: good visibilty, better off side protection, don't have to worry bout your shield being flattened because it already is.
Drawbacks: allows enemy closer, open for raps, takes away the slot shot.

I'll keep playing with it and see how I like it, but it does seem to work ok for me.

Jean Paul le Pel
Seconde, Lion Dragon Guard

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